Automatic CRM integration between TimeChimp and Salesforce

About Salesforce

Salesforce ensures that all your contact moments with customers are handled via a single CRM platform. This gives customers the feeling that they are communicating with one company rather than all kinds of separate departments. It optimises business processes involving customer interaction, such as marketing, sales, commerce and customer service. Salesforce helps you to generate leads, improve sales, inspire your customers and grow your business. It does this by:

  • Making your marketing content more appealing
  • Connecting your commerce channels
  • Giving your sales a boost
  • Providing your customers with better support

Because this customer relationship management (CRM) platform is completely cloud-based, your data is available anytime, anywhere. Just like the data in TimeChimp which is always accessible to you, where ever you happen to be.

TimeChimp Service

The connection with Salesforce makes it easy to sync customers between the two systems. This saves you data entry work and ensures that you always work with the correct customer data in both systems. You can also connect our time tracking to your accounting system, for example, so that all your essential tools communicate with one another! Easy does it.

Salesforce features

  • Automatic syncing of customers between TimeChimp and Salesforce
  • Track time, expenses and travel easily
  • Have hours approved by (project) manager or customer
  • Create quotations and invoices with your own layout
  • Useful export function of your hours to Excel or PDF
  • Available on mobile with the iOS and Android App

Salesforce pricing

Integration free of charge.

Salesforce screenshots

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