Automatic CRM integration between TimeChimp and Pipedrive

About Pipedrive

Pipedrive was developed out of personal experience in sales, bearing in mind that in sales you only have control over what you do yourself, and not over results. Pipedrive approaches ‘selling’ through actions that result from planning, execution and follow-up activities. Your various pipelines are visualised in such a way that it looks like you’re sticking post-it notes on a board as you move between different stages. This allows you always to have an overview of the progress of each deal.

TimeChimp service

Thanks to our link with Pipedrive, it’s easy to sync customers between the two systems. This not only saves on data entry work (and therefore time!), but also ensures that you always work with the correct customer data in both systems. You can also link our time registration to your accounting system, for example, so that all your essential tools are connected! Easy does it.

Pipedrive features

  • Automatic syncing of customers between TimeChimp and Pipedrive
  • Track hours, expenses and trips easily
  • Have hours approved by (project) manager or customer
  • Create quotations and invoices with your own layout
  • Useful export function of your hours to Excel or PDF
  • Available on your mobile with the iOS and Android App

Pipedrive pricing

Integration free of charge.

Pipedrive screenshots

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