Automatic CRM integration between TimeChimp and PerfectViewcrm

About PerfectView

Connect TimeChimp to PerfectView and sync customers automatically between our time tracking software and PerfectView’s CRM system. This lets you create the ideal flow from lead to quotation to customer and finally invoice.

This connection means you only need to keep track of your customer database in 1 place, preventing duplication of work and errors. This lets you serve your customers better and build lasting relationships. Easy does it.

PerfecView CRM

PerfectView has been developing customer relationship management software since 1984. So they really are experts in the CRM field. As relationship management system suppliers, they always put the customer first. This means, among other things:

  • You can always make use of their unlimited support
  • You get unlimited data storage for all your data
  • You will always be helped and supported in Dutch

PerfectView offers various features to support you in maintaining your customer relationships. For example, they help you with Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and CRM.

TimeChimp service

Thanks to our integration with PerfectView, it’s easy to sync customers between the two systems. This saves you data entry work and ensures that you always work with the correct customer data in each of the two systems. You can also connect our time tracking to your accounting system, so that all your essential administrative tools are connected!

PerfectView features

  • Automatic syncing of customers between TimeChimp and PerfectView
  • Track hours, trips and expenses easily
  • Your data in the Netherlands
  • Free Dutch helpdesk
  • Scalable and customisable
  • Available on desktop and mobile

PerfectView pricing

Integration free of charge.

PerfectView screenshots

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