Automatic project integration between TimeChimp and Jira

About Jira

Track your Jira issue hours very easily, so that they end up in TimeChimp automatically. You can enter your number of hours directly, but also simply click on start and stop. The timer automatically syncs with TimeChimp and adds a Jira worklog to your issue.

The TimeChimp admin can also connect TimeChimp projects to a Jira project. TimeChimp is particularly suited to IT teams. The project manager has realtime insight into the number of hours registered on a project and what the current budget is. In addition, TimeChimp has useful export functions which allow you to export your hours easily to Excel or PDF. You can always have access to all your data while on the road too, via the iOS and Android App.

The integration

The admin has an option to connect TimeChimp projects to Jira projects, so that when an employee starts registering hours, the project with the relevant issue is selected automatically.

All you have to do to register the hours of a Jira issue is to click on start, and then click on stop, when you’re done. That’s it!

When you register your Jira issue hours, a worklog is created automatically. Hours registered in TimeChimp are also linked to the Jira issue and you can see this in your TimeChimp timesheet. Easy does it.

Jira features

  • Simply start and stop your time in Jira
  • Connect TimeChimp projects to Jira projects
  • Perfect for IT teams
  • Approval by a project manager
  • Invoice the customer easily with the hours worked
  • Leave and illness registration

Jira pricing

Integration free of charge.

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