Automatic invoicing integration between TimeChimp and Yuki

About Yuki

Yuki is an accounting platform that allows you to maintain your accounts smartly and that guides the entrepreneur effectively and does away with the need for (almost) all paperwork. You communicate with customers and colleagues via the Yuki platform. Yuki processes records automatically, carries out checks, makes VAT returns and monitors customer satisfaction and productivity. How can it do all this? By connecting everything in the same platform.

The connection to TimeChimp ensures, among other things, that you can easily invoice your tracked time in Yuki and that customers are always synced. This is a big plus for accountants who frequently bill on an hourly basis. Invoices are imported into Yuki automatically via the connection to TimeChimp.

Service of TimeChimp

Thanks to the integration with Yuki, hours can be automatically invoiced in Yuki. Customers are automatically synchronized, so you only have to keep track of changes in one place. The integration between TimeChimp and Yuki allows you to further automate your administration and keep track of your time spent.

Yuki features

  • Automatic connection between TimeChimp and Yuki
  • Track time, expenses and travel easily
  • Have hours approved by project leader or manager
  • Useful export function of hours to Excel or PDF
  • Available on mobile with the iOS and Android App
  • Perfect for accountants

Yuki pricing

Integration free of charge.

Yuki screenshots

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