WeFact B.V.

Automatic invoicing integration between TimeChimp and WeFact

About WeFact B.V.

What can you do with WeFact?

  • Complete invoicing in your house style
  • Online quote acceptance
  • Send invoices in UBL and PDF
  • Receive payments via iDeal
  • Receive alerts at the end of the payment term

Thanks to the mobile app, your administration is always to hand. The WeFact and TimeChimp connection provides a mobile and online invoicing program so that you always know exactly where you are. From your outstanding items to sending a quote immediately, online accounting has never been easier!

Bookkeeping package from TimeChimp by WeFact

WeFact connects to multiple accounting packages. Your administration is exported and your payments are collected automatically. Thanks to this seamless integration, this bookkeeping package always provides up-to-date insight, which is ideal for accountants.

WeFact B.V. features

  • Automatic connection between TimeChimp and WeFact
  • Register hours, expenses and trips easily
  • Extensive reports
  • Create quotes, invoices and subscriptions with ease
  • Sync relationships between WeFact and TimeChimp
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android)

WeFact B.V. pricing

Integration free of charge.

WeFact B.V. screenshots

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