Visma eAccounting

Visma eAccounting

Automatic invoicing integration between TimeChimp and Visma eAccounting

About Visma eAccounting

TimeChimp provides easy time tracking and insight into projects. By linking with Visma eAccounting, you can easily export your hours, expenses and travel to your accounts in Visma eAccounting, so that you can invoice them via Visma eAccounting. You can also import your debtors from Visma eAccounting into TimeChimp. The connection between TimeChimp and Visma eAccounting is the perfect combination for your business administration. Easy does it.

Which data is used?

TimeChimp only uses the data necessary for this connection. For example, you can invoice in TimeChimp and create a sales entry in Visma eAccounting, or you can invoice from TimeChimp in Visma eAccounting. Additionally, you can sycn your customers automatically in Visma eAccounting with TimeChimp. You can also create customers in TimeChimp first. When you create an invoice in Visma eAccounting, a customer is automatically created in Visma eAccounting, if they do not yet exist. The following data is linked:

  • Hours
  • Expenses
  • Travel
  • Customer data

Visma eAccounting features

Automatic connection between TimeChimp and Twinfield Hours approval by project manager Perfect for freelancers and SMEs Follow the most important financial figures in real time Read bank statements automatically on a daily basis Send VAT returns directly from online accounting

Visma eAccounting pricing

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