Automatic invoicing integration between TimeChimp and Twinfield

About Twinfield

You can easily invoice your tracked time and expenses from TimeChimp in Twinfield. TimeChimp is also very suited to situations where you work on a project with several employees. The project manager has direct insight into the number of hours worked on a project. In addition, you can easily export your hours to Excel or PDF. You always have access to your data on the go via the iOS and Android App, on any device, with or without an internet connection.

Twinfield bookkeeping

Twinfield Online bookkeeping lets you as entrepreneur work efficiently with your accountant. The handy software allows you to automate 80% of your accounting. In addition, you can easily connect to other software. Hence the TimeChimp link with Twinfield. Your online accounting and time tracking are accessible and well-secured anytime, anywhere. That is Twinfield administration through and through. Smart, secure and connected.

Service by TimeChimp

Would you like to use the Twinfield connection with TimeChimp? You can. Trial our Twinfield connection for 14 days, free of charge. By connecting Twinfield online bookkeeping to your current time tracked in TimeChimp, you’ll always have your data to hand. Easy does it.

Twinfield features

  • Automatic connection between TimeChimp and Twinfield
  • Approve hours by project manager
  • Perfect for freelancers and SMEs
  • Follow the most important financial figures in real time
  • Read bank statements automatically on a daily basis
  • Send VAT returns directly from online accounting

Twinfield pricing

Integration free of charge.

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