Power BI (Custom)

Power BI (Custom)

Automatic data integration between TimeChimp and Power BI. Template by Adapt Analytics.

About Power BI (Custom)

Adapt Analytics provides customized dashboards that give you essential insights into all areas of your business. We design our dashboards with flexibility, accuracy, and scalability in mind, ensuring that you are well-equipped to make data-driven decisions both now and as your organization grows. If you would like to have insight into all aspects of your organization, then get in touch. We are always available to discuss what would be the best solution for your organization.

Power BI (Custom) features

ūüďą Customized insights

Our analysts work closely with you to develop dashboards that are perfectly tailored to your business. This gives you insights into organizational processes, performance, and key figures, without a lot of effort or long searches as is common with many standard solutions.

ūüďä Combine data sources

Looking at just one data source does not provide a complete picture of the state of your organization and does not contribute to informed decision making. Our customized dashboards provide insight into all data sources within your organization, giving you an accurate picture of the current situation.

ūüĆü Improved reliability

Customized dashboards, combined with a data framework, provide accurate and up-to-date information based on reliable data. This allows you to focus on the next steps for your business instead of spending time validating information.

ūüĒó Increased ease of use and flexibility

Our custom dashboards are designed to meet your organizational needs. We work with you to maximize the usability and value of the dashboards. This provides your organization with the insight and flexibility needed for more complex data analytics.

ūüĆź High scalability

Our custom dashboards are designed to grow with your organization's evolutions and changing needs. This means they can be easily expanded to include new data sources or metrics as you need them.

Power BI (Custom) pricing

Costs depend on selected solutions and are determined individually for your organization

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