Automatic HR and payrolling integration between TimeChimp and Loket.nl

About Loket.nl

Loket.nl allows you to manage all your HR matters and payrolling in a single online application. You process pay slips online and increase your employee insight. For example, your employees have insight into their pay slip or vacation days at all times. This how the most robust online solution for payroll and staffing works for you.

Integration with TimeChimp

This integration allows you to you simplify work processes both for your employees and yourself. Less data entry saves you time and reduces the chance of errors. Time is easily tracked in TimeChimp and then effortlessly transferred to Loket.nl.

Employees can enter their hours at any time wherever they happen to be or, for example, they can report leave via the handy mobile app. These hours can also be approved easily by a manager and/or the customer. You can also link TimeChimp to your accounting package to have the entire hour flow connected.

Loket.nl features

  • Employee synchronisation
  • Track time, expenses and trips easily
  • Keep track of illness and leave
  • Have hours approved by (project) manager or customer
  • Export all hours to Loket.nl easily
  • Available via iOS and Android App on mobile

Loket.nl pricing

Integration free of charge.

Loket.nl screenshots

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